George M. Kapalka, PhD, MS



I enjoy the aesthetic beauty of a good shot, and I get satisfaction from capturing a unique moment with a photograph that conveys the experience. Pursuing this hobby has provided soothing, rejuvenation and respite in my busy life. However, photography means much more to me. Taking a photograph or "making" one, as famously said by Ansell Adams requires an attentive eye, a desire to look deeper into your surroundings to find nuance below the surface. Nature is my favorite subject, and photography has augmented my awareness of the beauty of each place I visit. Whether it is a distinctive landscape, a butterfly, a flower, or evidence of man's attempts to survive in difficult terrain, building a shot helps me notice and appreciate what is around me. From the arid landscapes of Death Valley to the rocky shores of the North Atlantic coast, each setting offers unique features that are especially appreciated when one pays close attention to details, colors, shapes, angles, and most of all the life within it.

 What do I hope the viewers take away from my photographs? Certainly, I do not aim to impress. Even a casual perusal of the Internet will render superior renderings of just about every subject of my photographs. Many photographers spend hours, days, weeks and even months pursuing the best shots waking up before dawn, trudging difficult (and often dangerous) terrain to get just the right angle, waiting for days to get the right moment, relying on cell phone apps to predict the cloud cover and angle of the sun, using extensive post-processing to enhance the photographs, and even combining several photographs taken with different settings to attain the best exposure for each part of the picture (the so-called HDR approach). I admire their skills and dedication. But, I aim for a different goal. My shots while taken with care and commitment aspire to capture the surroundings in more ordinary circumstances (and with minimal post-processing) to convey a realistic portrayal of what most of us may experience on any given day while visiting those settings, provided we heighten our sensitivity to what is around us. Even if the light is not optimal, the angle is not the most complementary, or the weather is not ideal, there is still much beauty to soak in and enjoy. I feel compelled to take photographs in an effort to communicate how lucky I feel to have had the privilege to visit and appreciate spectacular and unique places. I hope viewers will be moved to seek such experiences themselves.

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