George M. Kapalka, PhD, MS

Dr. Kapalka is a practicing clinical and prescribing psychologist. His clinical skills have been recognized by several professional boards and credentialing organizations:


Dr. Kapalka currently holds the following professional licenses and certifications:

  • Licensed Psychologist in NM (lic # 0892)
  • Licensed Prescribing Psychologist in NM (lic#RXP0055)
  • Licensed Psychologist in NJ (lic # 2835)
  • Certified School Psychologist in NJ


Dr. Kapalka's practice primarily focuses on the treatment of children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and learning disorders (including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder), and assisting adults (parents, teachers, etc.) in handling children and teens with those difficulties. Dr. Kapalka is the author of six books on topics related to the treatment of children and adolescents, one of which is available in several translations . Dr. Kapalka has also authored some 100 professional publications and presentations, all of which are based on his research and experience in this area. Dr. Kapalka is also an experienced child custody evaluator, including capacity to parent evaluations and bonding evaluations.


Dr. Kapalka utilizes an eclectic approach primarily based on tenets of biopsychosocial formulations of health and wellness, cognitive-behavioral theories and family systems theory. His practice is pragmatic in focus and utilizes research-supported approaches to help children, adolescents and adults proactively change how they feel and behave.


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